"Lili is waiting for a similar friend"

By Liliana, Chylomicron retention disease, Hungary, January 5, 2021

My name is Liliana and the reason why I am writing here is that I have never met a person living with same disease like mine, and I didn't find it on this page either, so I decided to share it.

Since my birth we visit the gastroenterology every month, because I was born with less weight than the average babies, with serious malabsorption, but the cause of my illness was found when I was 10. They suspected to all other diagnoses. Because of my short height Ireceived growth hormone treatment. My symtoms are bloating, fatty stools, often bad mood. Because of my digestion problem I also became milk protein and lactose intolerant but I had more serious symtoms when I was a child.

My disease is genetic called: Chylomicron Retention Disease (CRD). It is a fat storage problem that means the fat in the small intestine is can not absorb.

Until my illness was revealed, a lot of examinations were done and finally a capsule endoscopic and histological examination was found after a long search - from foreign literature - about my illness, my doctor who has known me since birth is treating me which I am very grateful to her.

We went to a lot of dietitians for advice, but no one could help me with my diet (due to a lack of knowledge about the disease), so it remained the diet my mom experimented with for me.

To this day, I eat very low in fat, we make my meals with a little coconut oil and olive oil. Of the meats I eat only chicken breast, and I drink plant- based milk, eat vegetables, fruits and bread. Among the medicines I take special water-soluble vitamin preparations and liver protection drugs, probiotics.

I'm looking forward to find a person stuggling with the same disease.

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