The story of Agata

Hello. My name is Agata. Im 41 years old. Im from Poland but live in Scotland for 14 years. Everything started 2011 on February with overian pain. Spend 5 weeks on intensive care. Had hearth attack at 28 years, PE, lots of clots on my overies.. I had really bad condition, almost died 3 times. Diagnosis was CAPS. Never heard about this disease before. Had great support from my family and doctors. Started warfarin and some steroids. After few weeks come back to hospital with ovarian pains again. Had surgery. Doctors had to removed my ovaries to saved my life. Few days later had bleeding inside my body. Doctors saved my life again. Come back to almost normal life after one year of appointmens and lots of blood tests. Then I had a headache for few days and problems with visions. MRI shows I had a bleeding inside my had. Diagnosis was Hypothrombinoemia. Never heard about this before. Started to come back to normal life. I had really bad few years but I survived. I know I’m a warrior. I’m stable about 7 years now. Need to check my bloods every 6 month. I have a great hematologist. I’m on Ritaximub right now. Now want to share with some good news. After all I got married. Have a vest husband in the world. I working full shift. I can’t have children but we alright with that. I love cats so we have 3 cats. We traveling a lot . We building house in Poland so we could come back in few years. Always is hope., just we need to belive it.