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Find here all the materials you need to raise awareness and instigate change for people living with a rare disease.
Social media posts, posters, infopacks, tool kits, fact sheets, infographics and more.

LEGAL BIT: REMEMBER, the materials may not be used for commercial purposes!

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For the social media masters

I Support Rare Disease Day

I Support Rare Disease Day visual is available in two sizes (1080x1080 and 1920x1080) and 8 languages: English, Arabic, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, Russian, Chinese.

Many, Strong, Proud

Rare is Many, Rare is Strong, Rare is Proud visuals are available in png and Photoshop formats.

Share Your Colours

Share Your Colours visual is available in png and Photoshop formats.

Facebook and Twitter banners

Facebook and Twitter banners are available in png and Photoshop formats.

Key statistics and infographics

Shareable infographics with key rare disease statistics, available in square and landscape formats.

Printable media

Printable Posters

Printable posters are available in jpeg and tif formats.

Editable Posters

Adaptable posters are available in Photoshop format. You can translate text, add your organisation's logo and information about your event.

Share your colours

Join the community. Help us build awareness. Share your photos, videos and experiences!