The story of Lasaunia

I was faced with an unnamed disease that tormented me for seven long years. This sudden and excruciating ailment left me with enduring pain, making even the softest cotton sheets unbearable against my skin. I lived ulcerative wounds that would sometimes take well over a year to heal. Despite numerous medical procedures and consultations, I was consistently labeled a medical mystery. My response was always, “No, my name is Lasaunia. What I have is the mystery.”

One day, I turned to prayer, telling God that if I was chosen to carry this disease, I needed the strength to cope with it. I started to affirm myself and changed my perspective on my wounds and condition. Journaling became a means of waiting for divine guidance.

In January 2021, I finally received a diagnosis. I live with a rare disease known as Pyoderma Gangrenosum (PG), notorious for causing large, painful sores, often on the legs. With medications prescribed by my rheumatologist, I began to experience a better quality of life. My message to anyone facing adversity is to trust in God, write down your thoughts, and be kind to yourself. I firmly believe that victory is attainable for everyone. I share my story as a testament to prove that triumph is possible on the other side of hardship.

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