The story of Sofia

Sofia is 1 year and 9 months old.

She has congenital defect. Her left leg is shorter than right leg by 9,5 cm. And until she will grow up, the difference beetween her legs will be approximately 26 cm. 

This difference is because she has congenital femoral deficiency and fibular hemimelia on her left leg (her fibula is abcent on her left leg).
Sofia wants to walk, to run and to jump. But now she can’t do it normally. But after the first surgery she will walk, jump and run! Dr. Dror Paley will make her bones and anckle the right posittion. And she will walk with prosthesis. After that we are going to do the next surgeries to lenghtening her left leg.

Now we are raising money for the first surgery.
And I am waiting to see her walking!
Sofia is brave! She can do anything. And nothing will stand in her way.

Sofia’s walking