Leo’s story

The story of Leo

Our little Leo was born at 37 weeks after an emergency scan
He was released from the hospital two days after birth with no health concerns “just a tiny healthy boy “ is what we were told

After a few days of being home and Leo being my fourth child, I knew that something just wasn’t right.
When we brought him back into the hospital for his check up the nurse at the clinic thought the same and called in a paediatrician to come take a look at him
He was very concerned and felt that there was something different about Leo and right away ordered an MRI.
We were then sent to genetics for testing, and we discovered at the age of four months that our son Leo had a very rare syndrome called DYRK1A

We didn’t know what to expect, no one at our local hospital could tell us anything about DYRK1A .
Leo has had some struggles and set backs, he has a hard time putting on weight, he was behind with sitting up, crawling, walking and talking ,and then the latest struggles have been seizures and heart complications

Now at the age of 3 Leo is a very happy little boy who is loved by so many, he has completely changed our lives and made me the best mom I can be!

Leo is my hero!