The Cold

By Madison, Cold Urticaria, United States, May 6, 2020

Hi I'm Maddie I'm 15 and 2 years ago I was diagnosed with Cold Urticaria or how I like to pronouce it UDICARDIA its much easier.

One summer my whole life changed, I was out hiking in one of that favorite places with my family and at the end theres a super cool river we always swim in. I ended up having a really bad allerigic reaction I was super dizzy, I passed out with many more symptons that were really scared, I had countless heros that saved my life that day I will never forget them. The most vivid memory I had was the EMTs sticking all these things on me and being put in the ambulance and of course talking about lobsters for some unknown reason because it was mostly a blur and I was really out of it. A couple of weeks later after the almost death expericence we went to the allergy doctors and this nice lady told me to put ice on arm!! Most of my family thought maybe it was bees that almost killed me so I thought this lady was crazy but being allergic to the cold is most definitly a real thing! After the ice I got red lumps and was super itchy. It really turned my life upside down. My favorite thing in the world to do was swim in the mountains or any lake, river etc I could get myself into but sadly now I cant. I cant get into public pools without asking the life guard what temptraute it is. I can no longer swim with my family on the green river without being super carful. My hands get itchy from holding an ice cold drink for to long, no more sprinklers or late night swims possibly water balloon fights or just dancing in the rain without getting hives or almost dying.

I heard it gets worse as you keep getting exposed to it but I still somtimes like to push it somtimes just for a quick dip or just 1 jump in. My parents talk about getting a dry suit but i dont have much hope in that. I can still eat and drink cold things thank the heavens. I would be no where without my ice cream. Its pretty annyoing espically when you tell people and they dont bellieve you, I guess its that rare. But in a way I think its kindof a cool thing it makes me stand out be unique and telling my story to people, most of the time they are really intreged. 

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