Living with Lowes

By Paul, Lowe syndrome, United Kingdom, February 5, 2020

Hello there,

My name is Paul, I am 37 years old living in County Durham in the North East of England and I have a rare genetic called Lowe's Syndrome, the syndrome mainly affects males. The syndrome affects the three main organs - 

Brain  - which causes the learning disability size to the syndrome 

kidneys - protein and kidney stones are found and sometimes can lead to kidney failure.

Eyes - I was born blind and had to have an operation, leaving me with linited eye sight. 

Have a learning disability and Lowes Syndrome dosent stop me. I have a paid job working for my local council which works with people that have learning disabilities. I am also a voluntary director for Inclusion North.  I love both my job and my director role as it gives me independenace.  I have support that helps me when going out due to my vision. 

I absolutely love going to Bingo and I go every week. I also like going to the cinema too.  I am never off twitter and I have over 3,460 followers including celebrities, general public, charities and business, and much more. I also have my website that promotes inclusion, positive attitude to Lowe's Syndrome and showing everyone with a learning disability can achieve. 
pleade visit to find out more. 

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