tired of being tired

By jamilla, undiagnosed, United States, September 5, 2019

Hello My name is Janice mother of Jamilla and I am writing on behalf of my daugher Jamilla. As a mother you always want to say its ok but very difficult to say that whne it no solution to her issues. She resides in Co. She has been in and out the hospital since July of 2019. She has had so much various testing and no solution to her ongoing issues. She has had an intense pain in her stomach, vommiting and diaheria as well as extreme fatigue issues. She is really a great young lady who is presently in Nursing school which is her dream. 

She has went to doctors, hospital and Gi specialist within Colorado, As I am typing this she is presently in the hospital in Mercy Hospital in Durgango Co. 


She has had cat scans, ultrasound, blood work and still no avail. I am very concern she has had antibotics and still no resolution to her ongoing issues. Not sure if the doctors are not adverse in her situation but it is an ongoing batttle to say the least. Nursing school is everything to her which she presently is doing very well in. She has been an A student primarly her entire life, however without her it means nothing. As a mother I have prayed long nights and days but would really like to get to the bottom of what going on. She has been discharged prior time and time again but appears to get sicker each and every time. She has fever between 102 to 104 with intense pain each and every episode. I am reaching out to someone in the community to assist her. I pray that the answer is found. It has been suggested that it may be a rare disease but no solution as of present. Timeis of the essense and would like her to be around for many many more years. My love for her is unconditional to say the least but any and all suggestions is truly appreciated. Thanks in advance,  concern and caring mother. 

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