Even stiff person syndrome cannot stop me!

By Nitnem, Stiff person syndrome and related disorders, India, July 31, 2019

Imagine a life in which the brain runs twice the normal speed, with an uncertain focus jumping onto various things ; while your spine and limbs feel as stiff as rock, hands continuous ly trembling, while feeling random anxiety without any cause and convulsions/tremors without any apparent reasons.

This is something which would come near to describing the Stiff Person Syndrome, an extremely rare and slowly progressive neurological disease that in my case, produces extreme stiffness in spine and limbs while causing tremors and anxiety, and many more symptoms; a lot of them.

But even after all this, the fluidity of my mind stands remarkable. I am currently 20 and have been diagnosed with stiff person syndrome about at year ago; with symptoms ocurring since childhood. Nevertheless this condition has never let me stop; by God's grace, I have been able to achieve multiple feats and set multiple records, setting me apart from others not because of some rare medical conditions but rather because of the things I have accomplished and achieved, as a member of society in the age of teenage.

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