a mystery yet to be solved

By alesia, Undiagnosed, United States, June 22, 2019

I was 10 years old when it all started, I woke with a migrain that made it so I could not lift my head without it throbbing intensely. No one believed me and told me that I was "too young" .. next came my first black out, I stood to walk to another room and everything slowly went black, I awoke on the floor. Fast forwards to now age 28, I still have no answer have thousands of dollars spent and wasted on countless test.

Today I black out everytime I stand, kneel, bend, or even look down to shave my arm pits. I am sick to my stomach all the time and 1 sip of water makes me feel overfull. I get daily migrains, see black floaters 24/7, always feel like the room is spining and like I am in a constant brain fog (memory is trash as well).. I bruise for no reason (I am talking cantalope sized bruising and petatchi) .. I do not know that I have to pee until I am going to pee my pants, my whole body feels numb and heavy/weak, I am tired 24/7, I get hives from the sun, my feet turn purple just while doing the dishes, I have had a cough with black phlem for over a year,  I can no longer move 2 toes on my left foot (no injury just stoped working), and the newest thing is it suddenly feels like someone is pouring ice water down my head and it runs to my arms/hands and feels like it is just under the skin, next I get hot and sick/sweaty then it goes away.. this is my daily life, yet I look perfectly normal on the outside. People think I am fine, I am not, I feel like I am slowly dying and have no answers as to why, why do I feel like this, why do I have to suffer the unknown, what if I just suddenly die? I have 3 kids and a husband I want to have answers, I want to find a way to feel right, like me, like a NORMAL person. I am desperate to feel normal! 

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