Living life "seeing"

By Abel Markham, X-linked retinoschisis, United States, February 10, 2019

In Decemeber 2017 my son Abel was diagonsed with x-linked retionschisis at the age of 4. Having no idea what this disease was and no idea how I became a carrier I broke down. We later found out that my dad is affected by it which means my sister and I are carriers, resulting in our kids possibly getting XLRS. Both my eldest nephew and my eldest son are not affected and both of our youngest boys are. It was a horrible thing to come to terms with but, over the last year we have decided to embrace life and give our kids the best life possible. As a result of this we have become super adovcates for our boys. People seem to think that when a kid has glasses it just corrects their vision but in our case there is so much more to it. My sweet spirited child is going to rock this life and see everything. I cannot wait to see what he accomplishes. Be aware. Low Vision.

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