Living with PIC

By Lauren, Punctate inner choroidopathy with choroidal neovascularization, United States, January 12, 2019

Back in 2006 when I was 34 I was noticing an area of warped vision in my right eye. After 6 months it was finally diagnosed as PIC with CNV.  After 4 treatments of Avastin, a colorectal cancer drug, injected into my eyeball, it finally stopped leaking but left a shadow in my field of vision. Then it happened in my left eye. As of today I've had 16 injections, each of which disturbs the vitreous gel, creating multiple floaters. My eyes are constantly compensating for the shadows and floaters, causing a high level of eye fatigue. Flourescent lights and LED headlights are the absolute worst, so I try to work with lamplight and dim computer monitors. There is no cure, or "treatment protocol", and it can reoccur at any time at any age. My doctor is at a world-renowed eye & ear institute in New England, and even some doctors there had never heard of it. Only about 200 people out of every 320 million are diagnosed. I'd love to hear from anyone else who has this.

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