GCT and Me

By Laura, Giant cell tumor of bone, United Kingdom, June 27, 2018

In september of 2017 i attended my football club for a normal training session which ended pretty badly as i landed in a pretty bad tackle and my ankle twisted and popped. 

my mum took me to the hospital the next day and they had taken an xray to see if any fracture was visible. no fracture was seen but ligament damage was obvious and thats what the popping noise was.

later on that day i returned to school and continued the day as normal after school i returned home and my mum broke down had told me the hospital had re- looked at the xray and the radiographer had said he saw what looked like a "sclerotic Lucent lesion" this panicked me and my family and i was booked in for a mri to see if it was just a weird shadow or something. 

The mri results came back and i had been told i had a chondroblastoma tumor just by observation and that my ankle was very weak and close to fracturing, the consultant refered us to a special hospital called the royal orthopaedic hospital in bolsover street london.

After the appointment in london on the 4th of january 2018. I was put in for an opperation on the 23rd of January 2018 to remove the tumour and have a currettage surgery which involves alot of scraping and filling with a fake bone called pro dense.

After a long process getting about in a cast and wheel chair i began to walk after months in a cast attending many physio appointments my life finally began to feel normal. I  was starting my Gcses in the may of 2018 through to june 2018 and that was a very tough thing to deal with along side waiting for hospital appointments to see if the tumour had returned and after having a weird pain sensation my consultant suggested i have another mri in june. I got the results back on the 20th june 2018 and the results were bad as the tumour has returned so i have been sent for an emergency opperation to remove the tumour on the 3rd of july.

my battle with this tumour continues...


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