What took over my life

By Gabby, Complex regional pain syndrome, United States, February 28, 2018


I’ve been struggling with Complex Regional Pain  syndrome for the last 2 1/2 years .It took over my life and made me just a walking medical experiment.Where I live,there is only 2 doctors who know very little of this illness and on top of that ,I was diagnosed with other things so we didn’t know what to do ,we hit a dead end .I was in a car accident and the muscle that keeps my knee cap in place was stretched over 2x the size .When I got my first knee surgery,I had complications like allergic to the metal screws,stitches ,hematoma,and blood clots .We went and had another knee surgery to try and fix it but that went wrong ,very wrong .We aren’t sure what triggered the CRPS but it was after the second surgery I had symptoms.I was in and out of the hospital for around 2 months straight and that’s how my life went .doctors didn’t believe me bc it wasn’t somthing you automatically think it’s crps.My left leg changed colors with molting purple and pink .

Right now we don’t know how to control my pain nor how to get help because no doctor wNts to deal with me .I have a very high pain tolerance and since I’m a readhead ,somthing in my genes make my body burn out the medication faster .I had a opposites reaction to morphine ,and then the epidural in my back made me scream in pain for 2 days straight.

i think more people need to realize that just because you can’t see it doesn’tean it’s not there .I found a group of girls who is going through the same thing as me and if it wasn’t for them ,I’d probably be dead because I don’t want this life .I didn’t sign up for it but I learned how to push through and try and get my life together.Thnk you for reading my story ❤️❤️

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