By vered, Neurofibromatosis, Israel, March 2, 2017

Many of Neurofibromatosis (nf) does not mean anything. This is a rare genetic disease mainly in tumors all over the body, head nerves. Usually benign but others develop malignant disease. In addition, the disease causes headaches, stomachaches, impaired vision, behavioral disorders and severe learning disabilities. I have a 12-year-old child with this disease, she dreams of becoming an actress, she appears, writes, produces, sings and plays. When she does what she likes is impossible to guess that my child has this disease and you can not guess at all that she has severe learning disabilities coming special education. That's how it is when you're a parent of a child with a rare disease and not simple at all - your soul is charged, angry, sad, fall, get up, learn, love and mainly fights. Any parent with a child who has these problems suddenly discovers how strong he was. nf end

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