Still Undiagnosed

By Hannah, United States, February 15, 2017

Since 2013, I have had many problems and remain undiagnosed. My liver levels go up extremely high intermittently, I suffer from extreme fatigue, and today I had my first seizure. I've had CTs, MRIs, biopsies, and so much blood work. I've stumped multiple specialists and worry the referrals to more will never stop and that I won't ever receive a diagnosis.
I'm only 21 and it's tough to have the troubles I have without an answer for what is wrong. So here I am seeking camaraderie and support. It's comforting to know I'm not alone and it also saddens me that there are so many out there also experiencing troubles. I stand with you all now and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. You are not alone and there are always blessings in the midst of pain. Never lose hope and you are all strong and worthy of a happy life that you can create despite your disease! Yay!

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