Rare Disease Day 2016

Overview Rare Disease Day 2016

Rare Disease Day 2016 was bigger and better than ever before! 

There were events held around the world, across 85 countries and regions (all 28 EU countries!) with first time participants: Andorra, Aruba, Indonesia, Libya, Mauritius, Moldova, Tanzania, Tunisia, Uganda and Zimbabwe! Hundreds of events organised by patient groups were displayed on our website!

Rare Disease Day 2016 Official video 

Participation and solidarity from everyone!

The Rare Disease Day official video!

  • Published in 34 languages with over 300,000 views!
  • Disseminated worldwide via sharing on social media, particularly facebook

Rarediseaseday.org website

  • A new look for our website was launched, which was more dynamic and engaging than ever!
  • 180,000 visits to rarediseaseday.org!

Hundreds of photos, videos and testimonies!

  • The number of testimonies more than doubled on the website!
  • See pictures of solidarity around the world; 'Raise and Join Hands

Media coverage

  • Great media coverage all over the world: Rare Disease Day was prevalant in print, radio, television and online! Check out some of the things written around the world here on ourmedia page.

Social media success

  • 36,000 tweets with #rarediseaseday on February 29. The hashtag trended in the UK and US.
  • The Thunderclap campaign reached nearly 1.5 million people on social media!
  • We reached over 6 million people on Facebook alone and likes on our page are now well over 77,000!

Now, we want to hear about your events and experiences on Rare Disease Day!

Upload your photos and videos onto our website and send us your press clippings and links to videos if you had any media coverage for our media page!

If you haven't uploaded your 'Raise and Join Hands' photos you still have time. Upload them here!

More information for this ninth edition

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