My Stepdaughter and both grandchildren suffer with XLH

The story of Christopher

My story begins with my stepdaughter Robyn who lives with X-linked hypophosphatemia (XLH) for short when she fell pregnant with Leo we were so delighted for her and her husband. After he was born we was shocked to find he had XLH. A bit later on Robyn fell down stairs and had to have surgery on her leg by inserting a rod from her hip to her knee life changed even more when Leo had to have cranio surgery on his skull to make room for his brain to grow big decision to make. This was when myself and Robyn to start a charity page on FB Leo’s Mission we wanted to raise awareness of XLH and money for XLH UK we have appeared in local news. papers, and a charity show last year and support from our mayor Leo’s sister Eva has XLH and cranio surgery too. Robyn is 32 but is in a body 3x her age we continue to keep doing our bucket collections and making awareness of this rare disease.