The enemy in my body

The story of Julia

It all started in June 2020. I had severe pain in my back… I had to vomit, had hiccups and kept falling over. The doctors said I’m just playing the whole thing….
It’s nothing!
At some point I couldn’t speak anymore… My family doctor had me picked up by the ambulance and I was properly examined in the clinic! Suddenly it was said: You have inflammation in the brain, optic nerve and spinal cord! I couldn’t walk properly anymore and my left eye was almost blind. Many examinations and then came the dissolution, the doctor said: You have NMOSD!
6 weeks later I had the next attack and my eye was blind again.
Now I get an infusion every two weeks. I have a memory disorder, problems with my back, with my eyesight and so much more.

On my account nmosdfighter I tell about my life every day

It helps me to deal with it and I have already met a lot of nice people!

That’s my story 🙂
I’m not giving up!