HypoGal My Story With Sheehan’s Syndrome, Relapsing Polychondritis

HypoGal Shares Information about Disability Insurance, Sheehan’s Syndrome and Relapsing Polychondritis (R.P.) HypoGal, My Story My Story; most of my life I have never considered… Continue reading HypoGal My Story With Sheehan’s Syndrome, Relapsing Polychondritis

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My Story with Mesotehlioma

When I was younger, I would wear my dads work jacket around the house to do outside chores. My dad worked in construction and it… Continue reading My Story with Mesotehlioma

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Remaining Silent Does Not Raise Awareness

My story is about my hero my daughter Savanna Grace Thompson who is 3 , she is such a beautiful gift that was sent by… Continue reading Remaining Silent Does Not Raise Awareness

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Our second child was born may 2,1973 he was normal in all ways except he had bilateral cataracts he had his first surgery at 6… Continue reading COCKAYNE SYNDROME. .SCOTTY CAHILL

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At age 5 I began to get little red spots on my. After biopsy of them, I learned I had urticaria pigmentosa , also known… Continue reading Mastocytosis

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2 rares in my family

After my mom died of one the most fatal and rare cancers called IBC (inflammatory Breast Cancer)…my Dad was diagnosed with a rare blood cancer… Continue reading 2 rares in my family

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Little man, big heart

Our little boy Spencer was diagnosed at birth with saggital craniosynostosis and later on with hypochondroplasia. Craniosynostosis is when the sutures in the skull close… Continue reading Little man, big heart

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Hello i’m a 23 year old female that was diagnosed with NON classical CAH back in June 2015; this disease is pretty much ADRENAL INSUFFICIENCY;… Continue reading SO FRUSTRATED

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In September I took vacation from work, but while on vacation I was sick. I went to the dr and they said I tested positive… Continue reading 911

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