My aplastic anemia story

The story of Lilija

In august 2020 I started developing bruises all over my body, that would not heal for weeks, got blood tests done and was diagnosed with immune thrombocytopenia, however in winter 2020/2021 all of my blood counts started dropping. In spring 2021 I was sent to a consultation with hematologist. In june 2021 counts dropped even lower, my hematologists had thoughts about me developing myelodisplastic syndrome or leukemia, so I had a bone marrow biopsy and aspiration taken. My blood counts continued to drop. I was admitted to hematology unit of oncology center in October 2021 for 16 days, had another bone marrow biopsy and many more serological, blood etc. tests and finally was diagnosed with severe aplastic anemia.
Since then I am on immunosuppresive therapy (Cyclosporine), had multiple transfusions, filgrastim injections (it makes the white blood cell count rise), antibiotics and other drugs.
I have a bone marrow donor being searched in neighbour coutry, because my sister was tested to be a match and, unfortunately, she can not be my donor.
First anti-thymocyte globuline therapy was planned to be started after I have a port implantation, but unfortunately last blood counts showed severe pancytopenia, super low counts of every type of blood cells. My hematologists decided for me to move on with my allogenic stem cell transplant from donor I don’t even know and haven’t seen. For now I feel pretty much okay after getting multiple filgrastim injections and blood transfusions in hospital. I am waiting for my transplant, which will happen very soon and hope to be back to normal, typical for me sporty and outgoing life!