The Miracle of life

The story of Gabriel

Hello! My name is Gabriel with a rare disease. I have Tyrosinemia Type I (Metabolic problem). My family is from San Juan, Puerto Rico and I am the only one with this condition in the family since I was 12 months. At the moment we live in the USA and I am 19 years old I am very stable with the special low-diet protein, special supplements to drink, and special medicine. I have always had good grades in school and I graduated high school with a 4.0 GPA. I’m in College and doing very well. I was born prematurely at 30 weeks. At 4 months I stop breathing in my mom’s hands when she was feeding me. After that I was two months in a ventilator at NICU because I had Pertussis and I almost die. At the age of 12 months the Drs. found I have Tyrosinemia Type I. They do a liver biopsy and check my kidneys and brain. This condition affect all of that organs and the neurological area including my eyes. With the high protein I can be blind. When they found this condition, I don’t suppose to talk or walk and I was able to do that. My parents always help me and take care of me with everything including with my coordination in sports. My parents are very proud of me and very thankful to God and me too. No matter what, I always have a good attitude. I am blessed.