rear disease called autoimmune enteropathy

The story of Busisiwe

my name is Busisiwe mabedla i am 16 years old now and i am living with autoimmune enteropathy which is a very rear disease.
when i was three months old i got very sick that i was in hospital for three years after that in and out all the time. At that point the doctors thought i had aids and that i was not going to walk or talk or even live in when i was two years old red cross sent me to Sarah fox children home to die because there was nothing they could do to save me i was a tiny baby.while i was in Sarah fox i met my new foster mom Emma Attwell she showed me what its like to be baby and she brought me clothes and toys and she played with me she saved my life by giving me love and hope without her i would not be alive right now i have a family and love them very much but they do not have the right things for me to keep me alive . so 12 years ago my blogic family had to deiced whether to try and keep me alive as long as possible or to let emma attwell look after me as she has a car to take me to hospital and money to buy my meds and food and clothes for me and she did i have been told that i was gonna die all my life i can walk and i can talk i have had seventeen operations most of them were T.P.N and a lot of them were pegs which i still have because when i get sick which is often i eat though my peg my peg has saved my life many times when i had a coma my peg saved my life and it dose every day i have also had a port put in and out i broke my leg in hospital because my bones are very week but i can walk quiet well but i get tired easy when walking far and long i got very sick in 2009 i got T.B twice very badly both times in 2012 i was tested for autoimmune entropthy i i passed the test i was just glad they diagnosed meds i have to take 20ml of magnizim every three hours and calcium every three hours i have alot more that i only take twice a day