The story of Damian

In 2016 my son Damian was born with gastroschisis. We were told it would be simple and he’d spend max 6 weeks in the hospital. Well that wasn’t the case – he ended up having vanishing gastroschisis and short bowel syndrome. He had liver failure as well & we spent 7 months inpatient. My son is now 6 and lives off IV nutrition(TPN) via a central line and has a feeding tube since birth. He is medically complex and such a kind boy! He is active and a purple belt in karate ! We travel and he attends school & is the best big brother ever and he has taught me that miracles do exist. I hope to post this to spread awareness for this rare disease of gastroschisis & short bowel syndrome & provide hope!!
This life is not easy but it’s such a beautiful life! I’m so thankful !