Parallel Universe

The story of Julia

There are days when I no longer want anything other than this horrible nightmare to end. If the Many Worlds interpretation of Parallel Universes were to be true, this is how it might feel to actually enter another dimension.
Three years ago I discovered that I have a rare degenerative genetic disease, that now has a name – Usher Syndrome. Two years and a half ago I was thinking of my self that I am an usual person. But my world is entirely different now. Maybe I live in another dimension?
My dreams ware big and I also dreamt of having a beautiful relationship with someone. But for me and my family everything changed, like a kaleidoscope. My friends think of me like they did before. Nobody really knows whit what I struggle inside of me – how my perception of myself and reality changed, how sometimes I am afraid. And how at the same time I hang myself from the things that used to define me. I am also an artist. In my youth I studied visual arts and then I concentrated more on dance in a sort of dismissing attitude towards the way I used to obsess over drawing and visual compositions.
But now, something in me is desperate to catch everything I see. I make compositions with my phone, I am always photographing the beauty around.
Every day, I catch compositions with my now altered vision. This image shows how I sometimes see – when I don’t have my contact lenses, or how my retina is adding flashes of light, how the dark is too dark and the light too shining, and how the loss of pheripheral visions is adding limits like squares… And I shrink inside for seconds that are paralysing me, because others don’t know, but I know: It’s the disease. The signs of the damage, like what is happening to our Planet with Climate Change. We don’t always notice, but the signs of a future we don’t want are there.
But this picture captures also my spirit! I am dancing. I am the one who will forever shine…. No matter the Universe I’m in.