One Amazing Mom

The story of Elizabeth

I was born September 7, 1969, with a rare birth defect called Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita. It is a birth defect of the upper and lower extremities. It deals with the muscle and joint. It normally affects the hands, feet, arms, legs, knees, shoulders and hips. In my case, my hands, feet, knees, legs, arms, shoulders and hips were affected. There are other forms of Arthrogryposis in which the jaw and respiratory are involved. Mine was not. Ive undergone 36 surgeries and hundreds of procedures to straighten and remove extra bone and repair muscle. I went to normal school, was a mascot cheerleader for middle and high school, I am the march of dimes poster child for georgia, i have my own house, drive my own car, and i have a 19 year old daughter to whom of which is normal. I am 45 years old, but, in the 45 years ive been on this earth, i have fought hard to succeed, i graduated high school in 1987, i went to college and graduated three times. I have a degree in paralegalism, computer technology, and police sciences, my favorite hobby is rescuing exotic parrots, ive taken in over 800 birds since 1997, i am unique, and completely awesome! God bless u.