never give up! Tsc disease

The story of manuela

I am 37 years and for 2 years i discovered i am affected by TSC or Sclerosis Tuberosa. I live in Palermo and I already had 3 surgery one for a benign tumor in my uter, but for mistake the considered it a cancer called leiomiosarcom they gave me 3 month to live. After a while I went to Milan and they told me that there was a mistake because it was a leiomioma so a benign tumor but i had to have a surgery because i had different nodules in my lung so they had to make a biopsy. the made it and told me that i had a carcinoma, so i had a lobectomia and i did 5 months o chemiotherapy. after that i made other exams and they doscovered that i could have a genetic disease TSC so went o Rome at the Policlinico of Torvergata i made gentic exam and they confirmed a rare form of Tsc, rare because i haven’t had in my life any form of epylepsy or neurological problems! At the moment i make medical checks every year, but there are many doubts that what i had in the past was really a cancer! I don’t know my future but if you don’t have strength to go on and fight every day, you will lose all the battle in your life!!