The story of Khloe

Never give up, I knew from day 1 my daughter was different and even after seeing genetics 3 times they still wasn’t sure. As she was falling behind in her development I decided to tell my gp and go through a paediatrician. She wanted to do a blood test right away. 2 months later at 14 months old we received her diagnosis of 2p25.3 deletion & 10q26.1 duplication. She is the only one identified in the medical literature with these exact changes. She now has involvement from 10 different professionals and it was a weight lifted off my shoulders. At 2 years old She is a beautiful happy little girl. She is unable to stand unaided and is non-verbal apart from mama&dada as well as she faces many other challenges but she just glides through life and I couldn’t be prouder of her.