The story of Kim

I was diagnosed with NMO in April 2020. My primary Dr thought I was having a shingles reaction without the lesions. After an MRI and series of blood work it was diagnosed. I had a hard time dealing with it at first. I was also put in a low dose anti anxiety medication to help me deal with my emotions. At the start I had an IV infusion every 6 months until April 2022 when I had Covid and my neurologist felt it best to change my course of treatments. I now give myself a once a month injection at home. That was scary for me too, but I’m so proud of myself that I’m able to do it with no help. I see stories of others who have lost their ability to walk and or see. I’m blessed that I have not lost either. I’m always looking for others that have this rare auto immune disease for support. My job also has close contact with United Way. I searched a foundation that does research. It made me so happy when I found the foundation that matches my weekly donation.