The story of Karen

Meet Tommy. See this beautiful smile and happy boy. He loves school, his riding therapy, going to local little league, watchimg music on his ioad. Yet, behind that smile meet a warrior who fights every day for a good day. No seizures that impact the things he loves most….being at school, enjoying cheering his heart out at school games, listen to music on his ipad. As a mom, the isolation is heartbreaking, the stares, the negative comments. Just ask me questions. I am honored to share this incredibe human being with you and enrich your life for it. Syngap1 robbed him of any semblance of normal but he keeps on going and that is the lesson…you may fall but you just get back up and keep going. He is my warrior and hero at its core for all he has endured, with a smile that melts my heart. God gave me a gift…often a hard one…but a gift in the greatest sense of the word. Tommy was not diagnosed until age 17.5 after extensive genetic testing, repeated testing, studies, countless neurology visits. We kept going and we will just as he does every moment of every day.