MPGN Type 2

The story of Carly

I am going on to my eighth year of having mpgn. This has been one of the hardest uphill battles of my life. I feel as if I have no one to talk to about it, and even when I do people just don’t understand. I have had no new scarring in the past eight years and it is an absolute miracle. Being a teenager with an illness is so difficult. I know and feel as if I am different from the other kids at school. All through middle school I was bullied because it slipped that I was on medication and the other kids at school found it weird. They told me I should go “shut my mouth and take my fat pills” because the medication I was on made me gain weight. I remember my first day meeting my new doctor, I was 9 years old and clicking a pen because I was so nervous. I lost many friends because of this illness because simply they did not want to be friends with the “sick girl”. I let people tell me how sick I was for so many years. I let people make me think I meant nothing. I felt like a hopeless case. That was until my 8th grade year of middle school. I went for my second biopsy and learned that I am helping give the doctors a new look at this illness. I learned that I am not just “the sick girl”, I am not worthless or hopeless. I learned that I am helping other people improve their lives. I have focused on that for the past few years. I am only getting better and I can’t be more thankful.