MCADD Jayden (JJ)

The story of Rebeka

My son Jayden Joshua was born on 31st July 2014 the day after my partners birthday. It was a normal pregnancy just a horrible labour. When he was born he weighed 7lb 11 ounces and seemed perfectly ok. However it took over 3 hours before me or any of the midwives could get him to take a feed. The next day in hospital I was concerned with his feeding as he only had 1 ounce in 24 hours. I went to the midwife clinic to be discharged when Jayden was 6 days old. She was concerned about his poor feeding and low temperature so she rang the hospital who rushed his heel prick test results through. The next morning I got the phone call to say one came back positive. We went back to hospital and they repeated the test. We met out lovely consultant and dietician who decided to keep him in overnight on a tube until he was feeding again properly. I had never heard of MCADD until then and when they told me my heart broke. I thought I was going to lose my baby boy and that I wouldn’t be able to come as I didn’t really understand. Jayden has already had 5 other hospital admissions in just 6 months one for poor feeding due to thrush as I had antibiotics in labour and others because of bronchiolitis. However since then it has been 3 weeks since his last admission and he is thriving. When we need to he takes polycal SOS really well but at the moment he is doing well.
He is monitored closely as he is quite small for his age and his weight drops when he gets poorly.
He has a big brother who is 2 called Dylan who he adores and Dylan loves his little brother to pieces. I know that as Jayden grows up Dylan will look after him xx