Finding hope in chronic illness

The story of Youssra

Hello, I am Youssra. I suffer from a disease, I think it’s rare because I haven’t found the cure to it yet. My story started in 2019, when I began to feel pain in my stomach and didn’t think it would be the start of a new chapter in my life. I neglected it until I started vomiting blood. My journey began when I discovered that I had ulcers in my stomach, and it caused me severe bleeding, and the doctors haven’t found any solutions so far. The one of the doctors suggested that I do x-ray of the stomach arteries, and we actually found that there was bleeding from them, and he sent me to a specialist doctor in order to do a catheterization and stop the bleeding…on that day I was very scared, but despite everything I tried to think positively. When I entered the cath-lab and the doctor came, the operation started, I was awake. Only half an hour later, I didn’t feel well and I passed out, it was stressful. I lost too much blood and the doctor had to stop the operation. After I got home, I still didn’t feel any better because I kept vomiting blood. I told the doctor about it and he said that he wasn’t able to finish the operation and so he suggested another session to stop the bleeding… in fact, I didn’t accept because it was too risky, but my father kept insisting until I finally agreed, that day I didn’t feel comfortable, I knew nothing would changed… I started the catheterization and as usual I stayed awake and I watched everything, after that I felt sleepy and I saw that the doctor was trying to talk to me but I again passed out. After two hours I found myself in the intensive care unit and I knew that I had severe crisis. when I reached home and the fatigue passed, I went to school, but something bad happened. I had a severe bleeding at the catheter site, and I was taken to the emergency room, and the doctor followed me, but the bleeding didn’t stop. After a month, the doctor suggested visiting a surgeon for artery grafting…I underwent surgery, unfortunately, the operation didn’t go as smooth as expected, although I went under strict supervision. Six months later, the surgeon suggested that I go to the military hospital, and I agreed. I went, but I followed up with the doctor in his private clinic. I received great care from him because he tried more than most to stop the bleeding by stitching the wound, but it never worked, so he suggested I undergo surgery again…and I did it, but every time I do it, it doesn’t work, the bleeding doesn’t stop and I only get disappointed, every time the doctor stitches up the wound it’ll only open again. Unfortunately, until now I still suffer from vomiting and arterial bleeding…and my body is constantly betraying me…Nothing ever goes right.