The story of Ali

I am a victim of a rare medical condition (Cerebrospinal fluid Leak CSF RHINOHEA) which resulted from a motor vehicle accident I was involved, in the year 2017. Weeks later I noticed a yellowish fowl smelling fluid from my nose. Which I had been diagnosed of having a Cold, a Brain CT scan I under went was normal even though I knew something was wrong. After some research on my symptoms I suspected a Chronic Sinusitis for which I used over the counter medicines (amoxicillin) and days later the fowl smelling air coming out of my nose wasn’t anymore. The yellowish fluid stopped but a clear fluid continuesly drained out of my nose (one side) and the most of it drains the back of my throat. In the month of May 2018 I was saw a CNN news article which reported that a woman in Nebraska had a runny nose which was miss diagnosed as allergies but it turned out to be brain fluid leaking out or her nose. It almost took her 5 years before she was rightly diagnosed as having a CSF leak. After reviewing the article and compared the symptoms I learnt that I could be probably suffering from the same condition.
CSF is a fluid which is continuously produce in the Brain contain in a three layers membrane’s called the dura matter which serves as a cushion for the brain. Tears on the dura causes the fluid to leak down to the nose, throat or ears. Research has indicated that Five (5) out every 100,000 people suffer from CSF leaks which is even said to be an underestimated figure because of lack of awareness of the medical condition at the medical field and society at large. If five people out of 100,000 people suffer from CSF leaks then 60 people out of the Gambia’s 1.2m population are affected by this medical condition and yet go untreated . In the month of October 2019 I again reported my condition at the A/E in banjul for a surgical review where I was diagnosed as having allergic rhinitis. But after drinking all kinds of medicines prescribed by ENT specialist where I was referred to, my condition still persist, I personally referred myself to the Neurology Department where after explaining my symptoms, I was diagnosed as having a CSF RHINOHEA. An MDT (multi disciplinary team) of health professionals sat to brain storm about my case and concluded that I have a CSF leak confirming the initial diagnosis but in other to identify the leak i had to do a Brain CT Myelography.
The Myelography was done but the site of the leak could not be located and therefore I continue to live with such a condition.