Clivus Bone Tumor

The story of Sue

I was suffering from severe vertigo, blurred vision and headaches which was causing balance issues. I was told it was benign proximal positional vertigo (bppv). I couldn’t work as it was happening on a daily basis. My doctor decided to do an MRI and it showed that I had a clivus bone tumor. This is a very rare tumor that is located at the base of the skull. I was referred to a team of doctors who ran a CT scan and because of the size and density scheduled a biopsy. This was done by going through the nose and sinuses by drilling a hole. The biopsy came back benign fiber-osseous. The doctors have decided to leave the tumor and monitor its progress and in the meantime to see a neurologist to treat the symptoms. I was told by the neurologist that there is nothing they can do for the vertigo. The symptoms have completely changed my life and it is scary to think what might be coming down the road as this tumor grows. They say it is slow growing..but I hear the word growing. Does anyone else have this diagnosis?