By Chance Detection

The story of Bob

I donated blood on a regular basis at the America Red Cross, who by the way are very skilled in all aspects of their jobs.
I was working on surpassing my 5 gallon donation amount. Part of the donation process is to check a persons blood for low iron. He put a drop of my blood in a tube with solution and said “you are anemic”. We can’t use your blood. Well, I was surprised and curious so I went to my doctor at the
Big K (Kaiser) for further checks. After a few days my doctor called and said I had indications of MDS. Next I went to an oncologist who interviewed me and explained what this meant. The numbers didn’t sound good.

We started off with some injections with no improvement in my numbers. Next was the implant of a port whereupon I began my ‘chemo journey’. I’ve received three different cocktails which knocked my numbers to way below the
acceptable range and sent me to the ER and ICU a few times.
Now I’m takin a pill called IDHIFA which is a ‘targeting therapy’. My numbers are up to an acceptable range (sort of).
Modern medicine is truly remarkable!

I’m seventy years old and want to be around many more years.
I tell my story because had I not been donating blood my condition would surely had advanced to a worse situation.
Be strong during your journey and talk to your friends and family. Prayers will bring you strength!
Peace, Bob