Avm the story of my survival

The story of Jocelyn

i am a 40 year old woman married with 2 beautiful young sons. I was diagnosed when I was 35, I have always since childhood had bad balance and coordination and everyone put it down to me being clumsy. You see I have found that when your disability is not visual people don’t take you as serious and thinks you are messing. I have a brain injury which I was born with and which came to a head after my 2nd child ie I got a tremor on my right side, my balance and co ordination are deteriorating, certain things I find hard to swallow, my speech and eyesight are getting bad. But I have found a way to cope I love quilting and sewing and God has given me a gift of crafting. I am here by the grace of God as are all of us. Yes I have bad days but being angry and upset does me no good I am and have to live with this neurological disorder cause nothing can change it. I am who I am because of it