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About VITFriends Vitiligo Support Group, Inc

VITFriends is a registered non profit VITILIGO patient Support Community founded in 2009. VITILIGO (Vit-ee-lie-go) is an autoimmunine disease, where a person losses their skin color and it can appear blotchy. The condition can affect the SKIN on any part of the body. It can also affect the hair and the inside of the mouth. Vitiligo affects ALL race, age, gender and ethnicity equally and over 1% of the worlds population, which is around 70 million people, has Vitiligo.

VITFriends key initiatives includes: *Partnering and Supporting others States to start support groups. *A Children and Teen Program, *An Annual Conference, *A BOOK Program that we hope will assist in the fight against bullying of our children with EDUCATION!

Our Aim is to spread awareness of this condition, as we serve our National and International Community.


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Valarie MOLYNEAUX, President/CEO
United States
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