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About Slovak Alliance of Rare Diseases

Slovak RD Alliance is currently a network of 18 patient associations in Slovak Republic which supports and connects patients affected by RD. One of its goals is to be one voice of patients with RD in Slovakia, to collaborate with government, regional departments, authorities in health and social area. Since 2013 is the main organiser of RDD in Slovakia. Every year we prepare a set of activities to increase the awareness about RD between different groups: medical doctors, specialists, health care providers, politicians and public.

Thanks to systematic and insistent hard work, Slovakia has become an active element of European project EUROPLAN as well as many other smaller activities within field of rare diseases. In 5 years we have been successful in approving legislative document National strategy concerning this field of work  which was in 2015 followed by National program for patients with RD.

It is a great success that there were allocated financial support from national budget for years 2016 and 2017 but we are currently facing the toughest job which is to implement the National program and for this to be successful the most important and our main goal is to spread awareness about RD.

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