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About Rare Diseases Association Albania

The association of rare diseases is a non-governamental organization which organizes patients and active people in the field of rare diseases.

This association aims to improve the quality of life for all the people living with a rare disease in Albania


The rare disease intends to organize patients and people with rare disease

To be the voice for these patients nationally and to fight against the impact of these disease in their life,

For this reason the Rare Disease Association will undertake activities on behalf of its member in favour of:

– Empower groups of patients with rare disease

– To raise public and respective public institution awareness for these patients

– Improving the access to information ,treatment . care and support for people living with rare disease

–  Promotion for scientific and clinical research in rare diseases

– Improving the quality of  life of patients through social support, welfare and educational services

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Besmira Basholli
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