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About Instituto Nacional de Saude Ricardo Jorge

While State Laboratory, the National Institute of Health Ricardo Jorge contributes to public health gains through research and technological development activities, laboratory activity reference, observation of health and epidemiological surveillance, and coordinating external evaluation of laboratory quality, disseminating scientific culture, foster capacity building and training and also ensure the provision of differentiated services in these areas.

Mission and Functions: Promote and develop scientific research oriented activity for public health needs, proceeding to scientific management, operational and financial management of research in the public health sector programs; Promote the training of researchers and technicians; Perform disclosure actions of scientific culture in a health perspective; Promote, organize and coordinate evaluation programs, particularly in the external evaluation of laboratory quality and collaborate in the evaluation of installation and operation of laboratories that carry out activity in the health sector; Promote, organize and coordinate health observation programs; Ensure technical and legal support to public health laboratories; Provide differentiated assistance in medical genetics for the prevention and diagnosis in laboratory services; Plan and implement the national early detection program; Collaborate in conducting surveillance of diseases, communicable and non-communicable; Develop health observation instruments; Ensure laboratory response in the event of biological emergencies; Monitor the consumption of additives and contaminants and exposure to other potentially harmful substances present in food; Collect, compile and transmit analytical data on the composition, foodstuffs and animal feed; Evaluate the implementation and results of policies, the national health plan and health programs of the Ministry of Health; Develop cooperation activities; Provide services to entities from all inter/national sectors.

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