26 Feb 2020
Wed 26 February, 2020
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26 Feb 2020 London & Worldwide
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Let's "Reframe Rare"! Come
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Let's "Reframe Rare"! Come
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The Advocacy of Neuroacanthocytosis
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RARE CANCER – how rare
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United Kingdom

Adenomyosis Awareness 2020 - Rare Disease Day 26 February 2020 UK HQ, London & Worldwide, Worldwide
Hosted by Adenomyosis Advice Association

This year for the worldwide Rare Disease Day 2020 the Adenomyosis Advice Association are keeping it simple.  We are asking all our association members, their friends and families to send us a photograph of a beautiful pink rose to pinpoint where they are in the world - to highlight where the adenomyosis awareness campaign has reached so far! We will also be taking part in the Rare Disease Day 2020 at the House of Commons Westminster, London to spread the adenomyosis awareness campaign even further!

For those of you new to the Association, since it was founded in 2011, the AAA has been a very important part of the Rare Disease campaign.  Our message is simple, diagnosing adenomymosis will prevent needless - endless pain and suffering for women of all ages and will save fertility, precious time and money - on average £50,000 per patient during their lifetime. 

During 2019 we have been working hard within business and medical forums here in the UK asking direct questions and shaping the way organisations think about women's health and how they include women in their processes, policies and regulations.  We have also been working with leading companies worldwide on a mission to make the technology to diagnose and treat adenomyosis available to all. 

With over 3 million people visiting the AAA main website via unique searches since 2011, our awareness campaign is reaching women living with this cruel and destructive disease.  Joining with all the other organisations on this special day across the world every year so far has highlighted adenomyosis and hundreds of other medical conditions which desperately need research and development globally and I am really looking forward to your support on this very special day!


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