Jazz4Rare 2024 | Marcin Wasilewski Trio | Magda Kuraś Quintet + online

24 February 2024
Polska 1, Gdynia, Poland


Why jazz? Jazz has a positive effect on the body and soul, including those affected by rare diseases. Moreover, jazz is often an improvisation, it is a blend of talent, knowledge, happiness and intuition. It is a constant walking on the undiscovered land, exploring the unknown, it is often improvised expeditions in the unknown direction, just as the heart and mind tells. It’s exactly the same with rare disease activities, and since jazz and rare diseases have so much in common, why not combine them?

Why the Emigration Museum? Often the diagnosis of a rare disease heard by the child’s parents is both the end and the beginning, a peculiar moment of the turning point that closes one stage and opens another, which is a kind of journey to find therapy, treatment or stabilization. In the overwhelming majority of cases, it is a journey into the unknown, without a clearly defined direction – it is emigration from the comfort zone to a new life, a life with a rare disease. Therefore, there is no better place than the Emigration Museum in Gdynia to merge jazz and journey into the music world dedicated to the rare diseases.

As part of this year’s edition of Jazz4Rare 2024, February 24 at 18:00 at the Emigration Museum in Gdynia & YouTube’s channel of the Foundation BB (LINK to YouTube stream) we will hear:


Marcin Wasilewski Trio


Magda Kuraś Quintet


The event will be hosted by Kamil Wicik.


The concert’s organizers are: The Borys Hero Foundation, City of Gdynia, Owszem Studio and the Emigration Museum in Gdynia

Honorary Patronage: Marshall of the Pomorskie Region Mieczysław Struk, President of Gdynia Wojciech Szczurek

Media Patronage: Jazz Forum, trojmiasto.pl, Jazzpress

Partners: Port Gdańsk, Coldstore Gdańsk, Sopotorium Medical Resort i KartCenter


We invite you to emigrate to unforgettable jazz states of mind filled with good dedicated to people and families affected by rare diseases.


See you soon!



1. The number of available places is limited.
2. Participation in the Event is free of charge, but requires the receipt of the ticket at the Ticket Office of the Emigration Museum in Gdynia, ul. Polska 1 (hereinafter – the Museum).
3. Reservations can be made at the Museum ticket office by calling +48 58 670 41 61, or by sending an e-mail to the following address: [email protected], specifying the number of reserved tickets.
4. Reservations not picked up at least one hour before the concert will be cancelled and tickets will be returned to the general pool and can be collected by any person immediately before the concert.
5. We kindly ask you to book tickets carefully. If it is not possible to participate in the Event, we will be obliged for feedback to the Museum ticket office about resignation from direct participation in the concert (even on the day of the Event). This will allow us to efficiently manage the available limit of places, and thus enable other willing participants to participate in the Event.
6. Information on the accessibility of the Museum for people with disabilities is available here: https://polska1.pl/…/information-for-disabled-persons/
7. For people who cannot directly participate in the concert, we have arranged a concert’s streaming, which will also be available free of charge on the Foundation’s YouTube channel and will not require prior registration or notification.

Find the event program here.


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24 February 2024
Polska 1, Gdynia, Poland
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