Instagram live: I live with a Rare Disease…and my partner too

Hosted by Lovexair Foundation

29 February 2024


Do you or your partner have a Rare Disease? Join the Instagram Live where Jennifer and Tamaha 🇲🇽, and Alfons and Janina Bea 🇪🇸 will share their stories and what day-to-day life is like.

Join this space to share from caregiver to caregiver 💙

More than 300 million people worldwide live with a Rare Disease, and each of those stories is unique.

🗓 Thursday, February 29
⏰ 12 pm 🇲🇽 / 1 pm 🇨🇴 / 7 pm 🇪🇸
👉 Through the Instagram account @lovexair

We look forward to seeing you!