28 Feb 2019
Thu 28 February, 2019
748 Kelly Street, Thunder Bay, ON P7E 2A1

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Rare Disease Day Awareness Campaign 28 February 2019 748 Kelly Street, Thunder Bay, ON P7E 2A1, , Canada
Hosted by Canadian Fabry Association

The Canadian Fabry Association created its first Rare Disease Day awareness campaign last year called "Be Rare. Be You.".  The objective of this campaign was to increase awareness of rare diseases and support the rare disease community in Canada. A package containing an information card and two temporary tattoos "Be Rare. Be You." was developed and sold to businesses, city council members, patients, family and friends.   On February 28, supporters who ordered this package were asked to post a picture of themselves on social media with #BeRareBeYou.  This was extemely successful as we saw thousands of people from across the country showing their support on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  

This year, we continued with our slogan but changed the creative format to include a bilingual message - "Be Rare. Be You." "Sois Rare. Sois Toi.".  We incorporated the colours and image of our Canadian Fabry Association logo into our creative platform. The information card instructs supporters as to how to post their picture of themselves wearing the tattoo on social media and it includes very important facts about rare diseases that impact Canadians.

Wearing a tattoo that supports Rare Disease Day encourages more patients and organizations to come together to advocate and to be a proactive voice for the Canadians that are experiencing challenges related to their rare disorders.   This tattoo provides an opportunity to educate the public about rare diseases that potentially could lead to diagnoses – that in itself is a significant benefit for someone who has been living with health challenges from an undiagnosed condition.  This tattoo symbolizes EMPOWERMENT to press forward with the hope that one day there will be improved treatments, care and cures for rare diseases.  



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