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Thalassemia Foundation Ghana City: Kumasi Phone : +233550830850

The organisation is involved in awareness campaigns for rare diseases especially thalassemia and sickle cell.
Thalassemia Foundation - Ghana is a member of Thalassaemia International Federation.
The Thalassemia Foundation provides a wide range of services and activities that benefit parents of genetic orders. Our primary focus is on awareness and patient care.
Ghana ThalaSickle Patients/Parent Association is a group of patients and families that come together to share ideas, fight for affordable medication, good treatment and advocate for better medical support and favourable governments policies for them.
 General Public Awareness Education: We educate the public about Thalassemia & Sickle cell diseases which are preventable genetic blood disorders through small talks in churches, offices, colleges and schools etc.
 Patient Services: We offer invaluable psychosocial support in confronting the challenges of a lifelong illness with advice on nutrition and healthy living.
 Genetic/ Marriage Counseling: Genetic / Marriage counseling for couples and would be couples are also carried out.
 ThalaSickle Care online: Educational series on Thalassemia and Sickle Cell online (Facebook page and YouTube: Thalassemia Foundation Ghana).
 Our Blood Donation Drives: We conduct blood donation to support the blood bank.
 Socioeconomic Research: We organize research on medical, economic and social lives style of people affected and their families.
 Laboratory Testing: In collaboration with other Diagnostic centers we carry out Laboratory investigations with the advanced technology in the diagnostic field
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