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Universidade de São Paulo City: Ribeirão Preto Phone : +5517991455890

The University of São Paulo (USP) at Ribeirão Preto, is located about 330 kilometers from the capital. Created in 1940, initially, hosted the Faculdade de Medicina de Ribeirão Preto (FMRP) and nowadays relies with 8 schools and universities, covering the areas of Health, Human and Exact Sciences. Currently, USP is internationally recognized as the best Brazilian university in Latin America and considered an important center of research and extension of excellence in the country.
In Ribeirão Preto, the movement pro School of Medicine was intense, with the participation of various segments of society and the Medical Center.
FMRP aims to train professional health qualified to the Brazilian needs; that the graduates of their Residency Programs (Medical and Multiprofessional) ensure excellent level of health care and that their university extension courses contribute to the continuing education of professionals in several areas. FMRP aims to train Masters, Doctors, Researchers and post-docs; FMRP also develops important research, thus contributing to the evolution of scientific knowledge. And, through its cultural and extension activities the School expects to meets the social commitment.
The University of São Paulo at Ribeirão Preto College of Nursing (EERP- USP) started its activities on August 10th 1953, with Prof. Glete de Alcântara serving as its first dean.
At undergraduate level, the College offers the Nursing Bachelor Program and the Nursing Bachelor and Teaching Diploma Program, accredited by the State Council of Education. Since the inclusion of Nursing into the Brazilian Student Guide, the College has always been granted the maximum score – 5 stars.
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