Cardiff School of Optometry and Vision Sciences

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United Kingdom

Cardiff School of Optometry and Vision Sciences City: Cardiff Phone : +442920870117

Our mission is to contribute significantly to the world endeavour to understand and develop new treatments for the blinding diseases that affect our society. Our researchers aim to facilitate the detection, diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of vision disorders. This includes rare diseases that affect the eye.

We are working to devise novel interventions and/or treatments for a variety of ocular conditions such as mitochondrial eye disease, age-related macular degeneration, inherited retinal dystrophies, eye movement disorders, corneal problems, myopia and glaucoma.

We are engaged in multidisciplinary investigations of the basis of eye disease, from the molecular to the brain systems level. Our investigations range from the exploration of neural plasticity to free radical scavenging mechanisms in the retina to studies of the genetic drivers of disease to the impact of the brain's visual pathways on the eye. 


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