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Launched in 2014 and supported by the Bank of Valletta (BOV), the Marigold Foundation offers valuable support wherever it is needed. It is both voluntary and non-profit making.

As an organisation, the Foundation recognises that there are already so many associations, entities and NGOs doing sterling work across the Maltese Islands. Their awareness campaigns, fundraising efforts and on-the-ground successes all contribute to improving lives and bettering our society. They are true pillars of the community and they deserve to be supported in as many ways as possible.

This is where the Marigold Foundation comes in. Our objective is to positively empower people and to work with them to raise standards, support initiatives and strengthen voices.

Operating at both a macro and micro level, we are the link in the community that helps on a variety of levels and across various spheres. Our overarching aim is the constant development of our community, while we also address specific aspects of it, such as social behaviour, health issues, special needs and education.

To do this, we work in various ways and with organisations during the year. Through fundraising events and other activities, as well as through awareness campaigns and specific programmes, we drive objectives and facilitate results.
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